Silver Hilton Steelhead Lodge is located in northern British Columbia, approximately 55 miles north of Smithers on the Babine River. The Babine is one of only four rivers in the province of British Columbia to be designated as "Catch and Release, Class I Trophy Wilderness Water".

Silver Hilton consists of two locations, "Main Lodge" & "Triple Header". The two locations are strategically situated about seven miles apart from one another. They both sit right on the banks of the Babine River and are full service facilities, complete with professional guides, exceptional cooks, and top-notch support staff.

For over 30 years our guests have been promised the opportunity to take the world's largest steelhead on a fly, in complete comfort, and with the rewards of fishing on what many experts consider one of the most spectacular rivers in the world. Things remain unchanged today. Each season, in a breathtaking wilderness environment, we continue to land steelhead over 20 lbs. Many authorities feel there are more trophy Steelhead here over twenty-five pounds than in any other river in the world.


The origin of Silver Hilton Steelhead Lodge lies with Bob Wickwire; in 1961 he and a friend blindly immigrated to Canada from Oregon after reading an article in Field and Stream on the little known Babine River and its massive steelhead...



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"Babine River steelhead are the healthiest strain of all Skeena steelhead and among the largest found anywhere."