"Babine River steelhead are the healthiest strain of all Skeena steelhead and among the largest found anywhere."
- Bob Hooton, Senior Fisheries Specialist, BC Ministry of Environment


"So … although the Babine has a lower percentage of trophy class steelhead than the Kispiox, its much greater escapement probably contains a higher number of steelhead over twenty pounds than any other steelhead river in the world." 
- Trey Combs in his "Steelhead Fly Fishing: The Great Rivers," Nick Lyons publications, 1991


"I am convinced that one steelhead I lost in the Babine in early October of 1970 was an all time record. I knew from the moment he hit me I would never stop him. But I tried. I followed him quite a way downstream but suddenly felt a slack line. When I reached the spot where the end of the fly line lay on the water I found that he had merely dropped the fly. That fish had to be at least forty pounds."
- Joe Brooks, "Trout Fishing," Outdoor Life Books, 1971


"I began fishing the Babine in1978. It was love at first sight and over the years I have watched the river steadily produce the best wilderness trophy steelheading in the world. No other river will surpass the Babine for numbers of trophy fish over twenty pounds in an unspoiled environment- and Silver Hilton lodge is the perfect compliment to such a river. An angler can do no better. This is as good as it gets."
- Lani Waller, Fly Fishing Hall of Fame member, long time friend and our exclusive booking agent


"In my mind, British Columbia's Skeena River system is the best in the world. The Babine is the crown jewel; if you want a trophy this is the place."
- John Randolph, Editor, publisher and CEO of Fly Fisherman magazine and Silver Hilton client