Equipment & Clothing

The list shows the items most commonly used and needed on the Babine river. Anglers may wish to purchase any needed items upon arrival at camp, and after consultation with the guides.  

If you forget anything, Silver Hilton maintains two fully stocked Pro Shops - one at each camp. We carry only the latest "cutting edge" technology in all departments, from rain/wading jackets and clothing, to lines, rod, reels, leaders, flies etc. and all the necessary accessories. These are offered at normal retail prices and include brands such as Sage, Loomis, Billy Pate, Scientific Anglers, Patagonia, Airflo, Rio, and Simms etc.


Single-handed rods may be from nine to eleven feet long in line sizes eight to ten. Most experienced Babine anglers prefer Spey rods from thirteen to fifteen feet in line sizes seven to nine for dry fly angling and eight to ten for wet flies, bring one for wet fly fishing and one for dry fly, as you should have two rods rigged and in the boat at all times and a spare rod is a good idea incase of a accident.


Bring high quality single action reels with space for a minimum of 100 yards backing. A drag is helpful but not essential. Bring one reel for the wet fly and one for your dry fly fishing.


Having the proper line is very important. We suggest having multi tip lines for Spey rods. Lines by Rio, Airflow, or Scientific Anglers are the popular choices. All have Skagit style as well as medium to short belly heads. 15ft sink tips from type 3, type 6, and type 8 are recommended for wet fly fishing. Dry lines should be medium to short belly as often there is very little room to form large D-loops.


Dry fly leaders should be nine to twelve feet long, tapered down to approximately .008 to .010 or 12 pound test. Do not bring tippets smaller than this, as they will not hold up during a long battle with a large fish. Wet fly leaders can be simple. A short level leader of four or five feet for sinking lines and a longer tapered leader for "grease line" fishing. Most anglers and our guides prefer leader and tippet material no less than .015 or fifteen pound breaking strength as these fish are not leader shy.

Wet Flies

Bring a few dozen in sizes 6 to 1/0. Mix colors and weights. All standard Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon patterns work as do non-traditional streamer type dressings such as leeches and tube flies. The smaller wet flies are excellent "closers" on fish that have risen to, but will not take the dry fly. Some recommended patterns are Silver Hilton, Green Butt Skunk, Black Matuka, E.S. Leech, Popsicle, Freight Train, Signal Light, Squamish Poacher.

Dry Fly

Any high riding dry fly will raise fish. We suggest sizes from #4 to #2. Some good ones are: Bomber, Waller Waker, Riffle Express, Humpy, Bulkley Mouse, etc. Dry fly anglers should bring approximately two-dozen assorted dry flies.

Wading Equipment

September anglers may use lightweight Gore Tex waders, or 3mm chest high neoprene. October anglers will encounter colder water and insulated boot foot waders are helpful. Wading staffs are also useful as wading is awkward in some pools and easy in others. If you are in doubt, bring a staff. All waders should be cinched with a non elastic wading belt - a common practice on all steelhead rivers.


Temperatures are impossible to predict on any given week, so we recommend a "layering" concept. Make sure you bring warm clothes and a high quality rain jacket. A small day pack or duffle is needed to carry extra clothing and gear and is kept in the boat.

Miscellaneous Travel Items

  • Proof of citizenship.
  • Passports are always best.
  • Cash for tipping and incidentals.
  • Credit cards and personal checks (we accept cash, personal check, Visa, Master Card, and American Express).
  • Medications and Air tickets.