Success Opportunities

Long casts are not needed on most of the runs. It is true that an angler who can cast a long line has an advantage, but there are so many places that can be fished with twenty to forty feet of line. Even a first time Steelheader will have enough water to fish effectively. Most first time anglers average one to two fish hooked per day if conditions are favorable. Exceptionally skilled and experienced Steelheaders or Atlantic Salmon anglers who can read the water, control each and every cast all day long, and who stay focused and fish hard can take five to eight Steelhead in a day if conditions are good! Catch statistics at the end of each season almost always show two fish hooked per guest, per day, and one fish per guest, per day landed. These numbers include time lost of poor water conditions and all levels of skill and fishing effort, and is based on a nine-week season.